Business benefits of charity giving

24 February 2016 2 min read
Business benefits of charity giving

Robin Bryant talks about why strategic marketing agency Mobas is sponsoring the 2016 Cambridge Roar, and the very many benefits that supporting charities and causes can deliver to a business:

We’ve been in Cambridge for more 13 years and have always supported local charities and causes - it’s an important part of our business strategy. In recent years, this commitment has seen us jump out of planes, climb mountains, abseil down the side of tall buildings, cycle and run. We’ve dressed up, dressed down, dyed, grown and shaved hair, and had a huge amount of fun while we’re at it. These activities have helped us to raise more than £10,000 for charities in the last four years. We like to make a positive impact on the local community in which we work and live, helping those who need it most - and we’re not going to stop any time soon.

Charities that we have recently supported include Petals, Save the Children, Wood Green and Marie Curie. We also encourage our employees to volunteer and support charities. Members of our 35-strong team currently spend time with a range of organisations including Cam Sight, Ipswich Winter Night Shelter, Thetford Scouts, Peterborough Environment City Trust and we have a FA Youth Football Coach. This commitment to local causes, and the promotion thereof, also helps us to attract quality recruits – people want to work for organisations that care, and we do.

The three charities supported by this year’s Cambridge Roar are very special indeed and we’re really happy to be supporting Arthur Rank Hospice, Prince’s Trust and Cancer Research UK. All three provide such valuable work to so many people that it’s an honour to be providing our skills and time to help raise as much money as possible. Being involved with charities doesn’t just help others but can deliver numerous business benefits. Like most things, you reap what you sew and if you’re prepared to invest time and energy, you can create a very valuable and mutually beneficial relationship.

One of the most obvious plus points is PR – associating your business with a well-chosen charity says a lot about your brand and there are many opportunities to promote the connections. A range of fun and engaging content can be developed on the back of any relationship and when syndicated across all channels ensures that you benefit from these positive connotations and your brand gets in front of new audiences.

Events such as those run by Cambridge Roar not only provide good PR and brand associations but valuable networking opportunities. The number of businesses supporting these events is vast, not least its media partner the Cambridge News, and last year people from more than 120 businesses attended one or more of the events. As well as meeting new people and extending your network, there are also opportunities to offer hospitality to existing and prospective clients in a fun and informal environment – gold dust in terms of relationship building.

It’s the first year that we’ve been involved in the Cambridge Roar and we hope that it’s the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Cambridge Roar provides a range of opportunities to get involved, from offering services to more traditional sponsorship packages for a variety of budgets. Hope to see you there!

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