The Cambridge pays tribute to the transformational Mobas effect

30 January 2019 1 min read
The Cambridge pays tribute to the transformational Mobas effect

Carole Charter, Head of Marketing at The Cambridge building society has paid tribute to Mobas and spoken about the transformative impact Mobas has had on The Cambridge throughout their 10-year partnership. 

“The role Mobas have played in The Cambridge’s transformation has been absolutely critical over the past ten years. Mobas has really helped us to take the brand to the next level. We have faced a lot of business challenges during that time and it’s been critical to have a partner in Mobas who can get us to think differently and give us the confidence to try new things to ensure we are serving our members the best we possibly can.” 

In the recently commissioned video interview, Carole says that she would have no hesitation recommending Mobas to other businesses looking to unlock their potential.  

“There are many reasons why I’d recommend Mobas. They have a willingness to understand an organisation. What their objectives are, who their customers are and what they are looking to achieve. Mobas’ approach to partnership works really well and delivers results for everyone.” 

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