Transforming The Cambridge

21 June 2018 1 min read
Transforming The Cambridge

When The Cambridge Building Society launched its new generation of stores with the opening of St Ives last year, Mobas played a key role. From a design perspective we had particular input in bringing The Cambridge’s brand into a style of store that’s a world away from the Society’s traditional branches. And in tandem with the store itself, we also worked with staff to hone their front-line skills and behaviours for their new environment, ultimately ensuring they knew how to ‘be the brand’.

The transformation of The Cambridge’s other outlets continues, with the recent opening of the Central Cambridge store in St Andrew’s Street – just round the corner from the Society’s first branch in 1884, but ‘fast forwarded 134 years’ to the fresh new look, feel and functionality spearheaded by St Ives. Mobas has had the rare opportunity of giving the new site powerful branding – with giant vinyls that filled the window spaces while work was under way.

As at St Ives, the mantra of the new store is ‘a digital society powered by people’: virtually paperless but with a slightly more transactional focus necessitated by the store’s central location. The modern, re-energised and spacious interior features three counters, seating areas and meeting space, with mobile staff using iPads. Positioned in the heart of the city, The Cambridge is taking advantage of the knowledge they have of the local area. 

The Cambridge is growing and transforming with the new store blueprint a vital part of this growth plan, and Mobas is very proud to have played such an important role in its execution.

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