How investing in our culture helps us achieve ‘Success for all’

08 November 2016 2 min read
How investing in our culture helps us achieve ‘Success for all’

A closer look at the vision for Mobas, from Joint Managing Director Robin Bryant.

No-one will ever believe in Mobas if we aren’t genuine in what we do and positive about ourselves. At the very heart of any business is culture, and it has increasingly become more and more of a priority for us at Mobas. Over the years we’ve learned to fully understand and embrace the power of internal culture and what it means – not only for Mobas, but for our clients too.

We’ve taken a look at our internal set-up and have come to the following conclusion: promote strategic growth, invest in people, stay connected and you can accomplish ‘Success for all’. Let’s explain…

Promote strategic growth

The senior management have a duty of care to staff, which involves ensuring that clients are aligned to our purpose and values. Over the years we’ve learned to be much braver, gaining the confidence to be selective. Business for the sake of business is ineffective if it means working with clients who you don’t believe in, or who undervalue our services – mutual respect is the foundation of any working relationship, the lack of which can be culturally toxic.

Invest in people

Mobas was given a structural overhaul this year, and is now jointly managed by myself and Pete. The creation of a senior management team enables us to stay involved and lead the team without getting weighed down with the day-to-day running of the business, and the creation of various new roles has amplified efficiency and new business potential.

Everything down to the open-plan office space and making incentives part of the working week aims to make Mobas a truly enjoyable place to be, and it’s a no-brainer that valued employees provide the best service and produce the best work. Just one example is rewarding the whole team every Friday with takeaway pizzas and afternoon drinks – just a little thank-you for all their hard work, and a positive start to the weekend!

Stay connected

Through the natural ebbs and flows of working life, it’s all too easy to become complacent or, on the flip side, obsessed with targets. We believe it’s important to stay close in relationships with clients and keep ourselves immersed in the creative outputs of the team.

We’re in a continual process of assessing our work, implementing regular client reviews. Hearing all the positive feedback has reinforced our determination to continue delivering exceptional marketing services, highlighting areas to resolve niggles, and always strive for better.

Success for all

This is our single organising purpose. Success for our clients means success for our employees, and success for Mobas as a whole. It’s this uniting purpose that creates the Mobas culture and gives direction to the future of the agency, as long-term relationships will only be achieved if everyone is succeeding.

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