Meet the Transformers - Adam Tuckwell

19 April 2021 2 min read
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Adam Tuckwell

Meet the Transformers - Adam Tuckwell

In the latest instalment of our Meet the Transformers Series, Adam Tuckwell, Mobas' Commercial Director discusses what makes a good leader, why he loves the fast pace of agency life and why he believes Mobas is an excellent fit for businesses looking to accelerate their growth. 

Video Transcript

My name is Adam Tuckwell and I'm the commercial director at Mobas. I'm really fortunate, because my role has two sides to it. Internally, I get to work with some really great people, overseeing a variety of different projects, and helping excite and motivate the team. And externally, I get to speak to all of our new clients and prospects, and help sell the Mobas stream to them. I've learned a lot about myself since coming to Mobas. Agency work is always really fast paced, and so it takes a while to adapt to working at that pace. But the biggest thing that I've learned about myself is that it's okay to fail. It's okay to try things that don't quite work out as you imagined they would from the outset. And it's only through failing, and trying different things, that we become better in ourselves, and we can learn and share those learnings with other people. I would say that the biggest thing that I've learned is just that point, that it's okay to say when you don't know how to do something. It's okay to ask for help.

But even when things don't work, it's okay to fail, because we can learn so much from the experience. From a business leader perspective, I've worked with lots of people, and so I've seen some really great leadership traits that really inspire me. The best leaders that I see are ones who listen, who lead by example, but spend time really trying to understand the people in the team, and be real leaders. I think the next few years are going to be really exciting and challenging, in equal parts, for business leaders. I think the biggest challenge that they're likely to face is knowing how bold to be, and how brave to be, as they look to come out of a recession, the COVID pandemic. I think it's really interesting, as businesses start to adapt to what they might describe as a new normal, understanding how much they can change about their previous life. How much they can change about the way they worked, the way they operated, the way they dealt with their customers, or their clients and their stakeholders.

And I think the biggest challenge for leaders is knowing how far or how fast they can change and move. But coupled with that, I think there's a huge opportunity for businesses who are prepared to try things differently, to accelerate their business, to grow their business, and to try new things. There's going to be a real appetite for change. And I think now is the time for people to try all of those things that they've always wanted to.

I think there are lots of reasons why clients should work with Mobas. I think the reason people choose to work with an agency is to unlock something they don't already have within their team, whether that's the ability to generate creative ideas, to have experience of running campaigns, or to really help get an outside-in view of what a business is and what they stand for. I think the reason why people should work with Mobas is because we're extremely strategic in our approach and in our thinking. And we really route all of our creative, all of our campaigns, in delivering success for business, and that really motivates us as an agency.

So we're not a business that's focusing constantly on the next job, or the most exciting new client. We really get under the skin of a business, want to work in partnership with them, and deliver results.

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