Meet the Transformers - Ruth Gosling

12 April 2021 1 min read
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Ruth Gosling

Meet the Transformers - Ruth Gosling

In the latest instalment of our Meet the Transformers Series, Ruth Gosling, Mobas' Insight & Analytics Manager discusses how we help we use data and insight to drive our campaign and why she chose to join Mobas last year. 

Video Transcript

My name is Ruth Gosling. I'm the insight and analytics manager at Mobas. My role involves, basically, supporting our clients with any research needs to help them strengthen and grow their brand. So this can be anything through from understanding their audiences better, testing creative before launch, and understanding the impact of their creatives.

So a lot of our work is around understanding stakeholder needs in more detail. So I spend a lot of time interviewing stakeholders. So this can be within the organization and also customers and partners to really help us advise our clients on the future development of their brand and making sure that stakeholder needs are at the heart of that.

I think I'm proud of the fact that we are now a Market Research Society company partner. So this involved going through a sort of a review process. What it shows is that we are committed to doing really high quality research and insight. That can just reassure our clients that we're following all the right codes, it's all done to the highest ethical standards and the highest quality standards.

So what I really love about this role at Mobas is it's a completely new role. I'm the first insight and analytics manager at Mobas, so I've got, really, the opportunity to shape this role, to find new ways of doing things, tailor things to meet our clients' needs. It's really exciting and, yeah, lots of opportunities, and every day is a little bit different.

So I think why clients should work with Mobas is, yeah, we've got lots of experts across different areas. We've got, really, a great range of skills and services that we can offer through from, yeah, research and insight, to brand strategy, to creative and digital, and the benefits of having that all in one company who'll really get to know you and really be passionate about you.

I think the biggest business challenge for leaders over the next two to three years is as we come out of COVID, understanding consumer behavior and how that has evolved. So some of the sort of new habits and behaviors that we formed during COVID are temporary, but some of them might stay with us. So I think it's really important for business leaders to be really in touch with consumers.

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