No fleas on Mobas!

26 March 2019 1 min read
No fleas on Mobas!

Transformation agency Mobas scratched out the competition in March when they won gold at the annual VMA Annual Awards, the premier event of the veterinary and animal health marketing industry.

The awards provide a unique platform to showcase and reward the industry’s skill, creativity and professionalism, and Mobas delivered an innovative campaign in partnership with MSD Animal Health, to take home the Point of Sale award.

Mobas worked with MSD Animal Health to create a social campaign based around proud, responsible pet owners taking selfies of themselves with their flea- and tick-free pets: Selffleas!

Brightly coloured card speech bubbles, decorated with fleas and ticks, and carrying the message We’re protected! Are you? were displayed in vets’ waiting rooms and also made available for pet owners to take home. The ‘Selffleas’ were then shared on social channels with #selfflea to encourage others to take a similarly responsible approach to pet parasite control.

The campaign formed part of a wider launch plan for the Big Flea Project, which Mobas has supported since its launch in January 2018. Developed by MSD Animal Health, the project saw hundreds of vet practices across the country collecting flea samples for analysis. The results, due to be unveiled shortly, will support the education to pet owners on the dangers of parasites.

Robin Bryant, Joint MD and Founder of Mobas, said ‘We’re so pleased to have won a coveted VMA award for our work with MSD Animal Health. These awards are judged by distinguished professionals from the veterinary and healthcare sectors and we couldn’t be happier that they’ve selected Mobas’ campaign for this category.

'There are few marketing sectors that demand more specialist knowledge than animal health. Rigorous adherence to rules, regulations and guidelines is paramount – but in our book it mustn’t stifle the creativity that drives successful audience engagement. It’s clear that the judges witnessed our creativity first-hand with this campaign and we’re delighted to have seen off tough competition to win the 2019 prize.’

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