The perks of owning a verified Twitter

20 July 2016 1 min read
The perks of owning a verified Twitter

Longing for that all-important verified blue tick on Twitter? Well, the online social networking site has announced that anyone can now apply to have their account verified, subject to criteria proving that they are a genuine user or organisation. To have a profile authenticated with the iconic blue tick, users are simply required to fill in a form providing a few details.

For businesses, this new feature boasts a wealth of benefits:

Added gravitas

Twitter verification is a compliment, a pat on the back in recognition of the fact that what you have to say is important. This added credibility puts weight behind your words and behind your brand; you’ve passed the online quality control and your account is in the public interest.

Troll dodging

Anonymous accounts cannot be verified, so users will be held more accountable for their online behaviour. Provided everyone hops aboard, keyboard warriors can easily be weeded out, and The Guardian estimates that this may reduce abuse on the notoriously problematic social network.

Imitation limitation

Likewise, fake accounts will stick out like a sore, tick-free thumb. Online identity theft could be dramatically reduced: it’s no longer as simple as pilfering a photo or copying a name. From a consumer perspective, it also saves confusion when trying to find a genuine profile, making it easier to connect with the right accounts.

In the blog post detailing this announcement, Tina Bhatnagar from the User Services team at Twitter, said: “Our goal with this update is to help more people find great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for creators and influencers – no matter where they are in the world – to easily connect with a broader audience”.

Mobas’ Social Media Manager, Neil, has tidied up duplicate accounts before, so he knows how frustrating this can be. He says: “I’d recommend all users verify their accounts, especially organisations with active profiles. The requirement for a blue tick will soon become a pre-requisite for accounts as users become more aware”.

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