Mobas joins forces with The World Community Grid

28 July 2015 1 min read
Mobas joins forces with The World Community Grid

Cambridge-based strategic marketing agency Mobas, has partnered with The World Community Grid to offer spare power from employees’ office devices to harness important scientific research.

The World Community Grid, based in the USA, allows its partners from across the world to contribute their unused power from their computers, smartphones and tablets to fuel vital research on health, poverty and sustainability. Partners simply install an application on their workforce’s devices and, when not used to full capacity, utilises this power to gather important patterns for research.

The software application has been implemented across all office devices enabling Mobas to make a genuine difference to research that matters. The World Community Grid is instrumental in supporting many causes, including research to find the most promising drug leads to combat Ebola as well as identify candidate drugs to block harmful HIV protease.

Steven Knibbs, Lead Developer at Mobas, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with the World Community Grid. It’s a great idea and by doing very little, we can help researchers and scientists tackle some very big problems. The scheme has been successfully implemented across the agency and we hope that many more web design agencies and businesses will join us as partners in this fantastic scheme”.

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