Utilise your idle technology to accelerate scientific research with no investment of time or money

27 June 2016 1 min read
Utilise your idle technology to accelerate scientific research with no investment of time or money

In June last year Mobas signed up to World Community Grid (WCG), an initiative through which unused processing power is donated to non-profit scientific projects.

Enabling volunteers to accelerate research with no investment of time or money, WCG is bringing scientists closer to discoveries that save lives and address global problems. It functions by using your devices to conduct microbial research in order to identify important areas to study in the lab and, with software to monitor your device’s performance, it never gets in the way of what you’re doing.

When Mobas wrote its first insight about the initiative, it was approached by WCG and asked whether it wanted to begin a partnership. By doing so, Mobas has become one of only ten other UK partners and the only one that is a web design agency. Mobas has now been donating spare computational power to WCG for a year, stacking up over 21 years’ worth of computational time in the process!

The projects supported by Mobas include OpenZika, Help Stop TB, FightAids@Home Phase 1 and 2, Outsmart Ebola Together, Uncovering Genome Mysteries and Mapping Cancer Markers. Its contribution puts The Mobas Family at #69 out of #921 in the UK, which is an impressive achievement considering the humble size of the company!

Using de-centralised computing, WCG is essentially adding your device to one of the biggest super-computers in the world – and it’s still growing. Unlike individual super-computers which cost billions and are quickly replaced with better ones, this one won’t age as it harnesses the power of many and will encompass any technological advancements.

Mobas is encouraging more companies to step aboard this fantastic initiative. It’s free and you can choose which projects to support, competing against different teams as well as being able to see the science happening on your screen. Of course, it’s all for a good cause. What are you waiting for?

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