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'Being the brand' front-line staff training

Developing a successful brand is a multi-faceted exercise: from the design of an engaging brand mark, through tone of voice, to customer communications, all aspects must work together to create a consistent brand experience. But what happens when a customer engages directly with a member of your staff? How confident are you that that individual understands the critical importance of their role in embodying the brand?

This is a challenge that Mobas has helped clients to overcome. Whether it’s a face-to-face interaction in-store, phone-based support, or even a chatbot answering questions on behalf of your brand, each needs to actively ‘be the brand’.

Face-to-face is often a particular challenge, especially where traditional transactional exchanges are being replaced by more customer service-based interactions. Mobas has experience of delivering bespoke staff training courses for front-line staff. These combine the theory of how the brand is defined, with practical exercises exploring behaviour and language that dramatise its essence. Critically these practical sessions give staff confidence in their ability to deliver a brand experience that is both authentic and effective.

With all points of contact contributing to the brand experience, phone and chatbot scripts are an essential part of the mix. Modern consumers have high expectations of remote communication and will quickly spot formulaic ‘computer says no’-style conversation. All of those brand values and personality traits that the marketing team have worked so hard to develop have to be present, whether a customer is speaking to a person or a computer powered by machine learning.

With brand relationships relying less and less on the visual and more and more on the content, the team at Mobas is committed to dramatising brands through the written word, with brand dictionaries and tone of voice guidelines a critical part of the toolkit. What’s more, our copywriters shape brand interactions that businesses can use and build on, to ensure that there are no weak links in the brand delivery process.

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