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Brand voice

What’s a face without a voice? As emotional beings, we’re not sure. What’s a person with multiple personalities? They’re untrustworthy. It’s absolutely the same for brands. That’s why brand voice is an important component of our strategic offering.

And as communications technology continues apace, establishing a consistent brand voice is becoming even more relevant. Our commitment to transformational marketing, brand and strategy means we are already embarking on pioneering projects in artificial intelligence. We’re working, for example, to ensure that chatbot platforms are able to reflect the brand essence, personality and, yes, brand voice of our clients.

Whatever the objective may be, we always use our proven workshop approach to make sure all key stakeholders are heard, and have their say in shaping the aural personality of their brand. A brand must have consistency in every message, across every touchpoint, for every audience.

We can provide tools to ensure the consistent expression of a brand through written or spoken styles.

The personality of your brand is determined by the words used and the sentences written. We’ll work alongside you to make sure it’s authentic and trustworthy.

If you fake it, you won’t make it. Your brand voice must be genuine, personable and consistent with your product and messaging. With the growing trend of social media, brands now have the added responsibility of connecting with their customers on a personal level.

So brand voice needs to be defined before you can even create your messaging, send out that first tweet or launch that website. Every piece of communication for your company must be consistent and must have that certain personality in order to interact successfully with your clients and gain their trust.

With consumers demanding more direct, personal relationships with brands, your voice might be their only touchpoint. In this digital marketplace, the brand voice must deliver with absolute clarity your values, behaviours, personality and essence – while engaging emotionally. This is exactly what we achieve for our clients here at Mobas.

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