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Employee engagement and internal communications

The value of employee engagement is being recognised as more important than ever before. We’re experiencing a shift in people’s priorities and perceptions of work, as the focus moves from job security and traditional working patterns to more flexibility, engaging culture and a sense of purpose. This means there are now many factors that play a part, but the level of employee engagement has real impact on both turnover and profit levels, with industry research reporting 12% higher profitability in companies with top levels of engagement.

Engagement is driven in part by the company’s internal culture which is the result of many influences and happens whether planned or not. But not planning it can make it vulnerable to being defined by factors we’re all only too familiar with: poor communication, a lack of shared information, personality clashes, differing approaches, and contrasting priorities, to name a few.

Investing in a culture that teams love through a strong employee engagement strategy can help overcome these, laying the foundations for improved internal communications, collaboration and productivity.

One of the most important aspects is recognising that staff are looking for both involvement and an understanding of where the business is going, and how they can play a part in getting it there. This goes beyond just the business plan and vision to include aspects such as structure, job roles, internal communications, development, HR policies and approach, management styles, working environment and teamwork. Continued effort to maintain an understanding guides the way teams behave among themselves and also with customers, helping businesses deliver more consistent brand experiences.

Through developing many successful brand strategies and creating supporting programmes to improve employee engagement and communication, we’ve seen first-hand the effect that truly engaging teams can have. But whether a business is shifting brand proposition or wanting to address cultural issues, the principles of building a strong internal culture remain the same.

Our brand strategy service uses tried and tested methods to overcome common cultural obstacles, deploying tailored programmes that deliver tangible change and success.

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