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Go-to-market strategy

According to Nielsen, more than 85% of the launches of new consumer packaged goods fail, leading to damaged brands, bruised egos and balance sheet losses. Launching a new initiative, or introducing a new product to an established portfolio, is a costly process and one with considerable associated risks. Not only can the new product fail, the impact on an established brand can be extremely harmful, contributing to a negative impact across the business.

Minimising risk and maximising opportunity is the ethos that underpins the Mobas approach to go-to-market strategies. We start by immersing ourselves into the business objectives that the new initiative should deliver. Well before the product reaches a customer, we test and explore the concept with target markets and key stakeholders, analysing what they want from commercial partners now and in the future.

Critically we don’t ignore the negatives. New products may carry negative associations with previous brands, they may challenge sales teams to reinvent their pitches, they may break new ground in a way that isn’t easily understood by the consumer and, critically, they may have to live alongside (and not cannibalise) existing established offerings. All of these challenges can be overcome if identified and faced as part of the strategic process.

Through research, stakeholder workshops and analysis, the Mobas brand and strategy team is able to add an extra layer of insight into the go-to-market process. Drawing on the results the team develops highly targeted launch plans, with clearly identified audience groups, tightly honed messaging and a clear and compelling product promise.

At Mobas, go-to-market plans take the risk out of service launches, enabling partners to act with confidence and to face and overcome the challenges that innovation can bring. Business can’t stand still, but a leap forward should not be into the unknown.

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