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Market scoping

“The secret of creating a successful product or service is beginning with the market need,” said author Paul B Brown in Forbes magazine. That’s an ethos we definitely believe in at Mobas. The most exciting concept or innovative thinking will disappear without trace if it’s launched with no regard to market needs.

As brand strategists we don’t believe that we’ve got all the answers, but we do know how to ask the questions. Our four-stage process focuses initially on discovery, and typically starts with stakeholder research. For new initiatives, we speak to potential customers and stakeholders, our questions are mindful of commercial sensitivities, but we test out the proposed concept in its most general form.

This we back with more general insight into the unmet customer needs that already exist in the marketplace, the areas where current competitors and brands fall short, and the trends that are driving future market growth.

Our research isn’t just theoretical: the simple question ‘How much might you be prepared to pay for a product that does x, y and z’ can deliver really tangible benefits to pricing strategy. ‘Where might you expect to learn about such a product?’ can give valuable insight that will inform media choices.

Market scoping at Mobas can deliver support for go / no-go decisions on new initiatives, or comprehensive market maps profiling segments to be targeted, key motivators and allied messaging, and even the most appropriate media choice.

Robust market scoping takes the guesswork out of the launch of new campaigns and initiatives, delivering greater assurances around all important ROI and reducing the risk of marketing grey hair!

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