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Planning workshops

Planning is a critical part of any strategic marketing process, whether it be annual planning of a marketing calendar, campaign planning, new product development planning, or agreeing the strategy and tactics for a launch. Even the strongest marketing team can benefit from support during this critical phase, perhaps via a new perspective to challenge established thinking, or from the introduction of a robust methodology.

Mobas runs planning workshops to assist clients with a variety of challenges. Using an approach that is both established and flexible, planning workshops can be pulled together quickly to address specific tactical issues, or shaped in close liaison with the client team to meet strategic needs. Our experienced brand and strategy team of insight managers, strategists and facilitators work alongside the client team as required to provide the benefit of their unique experience.

Workshops are not for imposing an approach or a solution: at Mobas they are arenas for genuine discussion and debate. Yet the required end result is always top of mind, making them highly focused and effective. This ensures the delivery of insight and strategic direction that empowers any plan. 

Being flexible in our approach means that our team can complement your resources however you wish: be that developing the resulting plan on your behalf, or simply using a workshop to empower and motivate your team so that they can then deliver a plan that is both inventive and robust. We have the means to wrap around any client need seamlessly.

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