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Stakeholder research

As brand owners we inhabit our brands and businesses on a daily basis. It’s all too easy though to mistake this intimate knowledge for a true reflection of the brand on offer. Business decisions based on only part of the picture are by their very nature flawed and, in an era when every penny counts, robust decision-making backed by data is both essential and reassuring.

At Mobas we believe that the brand-owner’s view is only part of the picture, and to get true visibility you also need to consider how the brand, product or service is viewed from the outside: by customers, staff, stakeholders, opinion-formers and even rejectors.

Stakeholder research forms a vital part of many of our strategic projects, forming the Discover phase of our proven four-stage process. Skilled insight specialists shape and conduct research through one-to-one phone interviews, online surveys, focus groups and quantitative research. We shape the prompts and analyse the data to provide unique insight that will support robust decision-making in any business.

The objectives of the research are always agreed in close liaison with the client, shaped around the specific client needs and project scope. What we discover is sometimes challenging, often illuminating and always invaluable. Critically, stakeholder research provides a true 360-degree view of the issues and opportunities faced, and enables us to contribute new insight to the strategic process, delivering robust decision-making based on live data.

Research results are presented in confidence, in a workshop environment where they can be digested and discussed positively. The Mobas approach is one of true collaboration and for us a problem shared is a problem solved. Our remit is not to present the insight and step back, but rather to harness it to create new more powerful solutions.

Stakeholder research can endorse an initiative, supporting a bold approach, or it can illuminate areas which need consideration or development. What it does so effectively is to bring the voice of the consumer directly into the decision-making process, enabling us all to connect with them whatever the final outcome may be, be it a brand positioning, go-to-market strategy, internal communications piece, or radical new service offering.

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