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Game for a laugh

Marmalade is a provider of car insurance and cars for young drivers in the UK.


Marmalade is a provider of car insurance and cars for young drivers in the UK. To help generate conversations and drive brand awareness, Mobas recommended creating some activity around April Fool's Day.

Marmalade agreed with Mobas' suggestion, but with only 24 hours to create something, the team had to move quickly. Mobas was given the task to create an April Fool's campaign that would drive brand awareness and brand engagement as well as support Marmalade's values and show how its brand is different to other insurance providers.


The key was to find something believable, but that also made people laugh whilst achieving brand engagement. Marmalade is not your average insurance provider, it is young and fun but serious about improving the safety of young drivers and this brand ethos is at the core of everything it does.

Mobas created an April Fool's video around “golf buggy rage” and the release of Marmalade's fake new product “Drive and Go”, which would introduce telematics boxes for golf buggies. As well as filming and scripting the video, Mobas produced a press release that would work in tandem with the video to create a sense of credibility around the “Drive and Go” product.

See Marmalade's Pinterest board for some behind the scenes photos of the day.


The video was published on Marmalade’s website on April 1st, reached over 35,000 people on Facebook and received a huge amount of retweets from people including driving instructors as well as BIBA and Trakm8, achieving over 950 impressions in one day. Coverage was secured in golf titles, many of whom asked when the product would be available, and received coverage on both Motorhead and CarMagazine website – both are high authority websites, with combined monthly users of over 10,000.

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