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MSD Animal Health: Thyroid campaign

Thyroid Campaign


We were approached by MSD to create a new identity for an educational campaign to help pet owners understand under- and overactive thyroids in cats and dogs and how to spot if an animal has these symptoms. With a cartoon dog already created, who we named Hypo,we were also tasked with creating a cartoon cat character, Hyper, who would act as the hero of the cat side of the campaign. The identity would lead a national pet thyroid week initiative to encourage conversation in practices.


Mobas used the symptoms angle to create an SOS theme (‘spot our symptoms’). The branding, a mixture of the product colour palettes and MSD branding, was created to have stand-out in waiting rooms. Using a stock library and Photoshop work, Mobas developed a hero cat that aligned with Hypo the dog. 
The SOS stamp with the characters formed the identity and would be used across all roll-out. 


Following approval of the identity, a series of pet owner facing materials were created including: a video animation explaining the symptoms and treatment options, social media posters, posters and SOS checklists. Emailers, online banners and website content for veterinary professionals were also created to help create a buzz round the thyroid week and embed the identity within the community.


The web activity for vets proved successful with higher than average click-through rates in comparison to other content being pushed. Feedback from the sales team was that materials were extremely well received with both practice staff and pet owners. 

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