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PlayFusion: Making noise in a crowded market


PlayFusion, the Cambridge-based toy and game company, appointed Mobas to support them in launching their debut toys-to-life project called Lightseekers.

The brief was to make noise in a crowded market and help the company to (1) come out of stealth mode and (2) generate significant levels of media coverage in the UK and USA during the run-up to launch.

The objectives were to secure 30-40 pieces of coverage in leading games, technology and mainstream publications. This was a significant challenge as the toys to life category has been seen as a dying genre, it was our task to provide unique insights to demonstrate that PlayFusion and Lightseekers would breathe new life into toys-to-life.


Our strategy was focused around targeting journalists and outlets with three waves of news. The first was to announce the firm's plans. The second was to provide a volume of news to support PlayFusion's Kickstarter campaign (to raise £100,000) and, finally, to generate previews of the game to drive visits to the game's website.


The outputs included more than 15 1-2-1 demonstrations, attendance at three trade shows and tens of interviews to key media. As a result of this activity and subsequent press releases, we were able to secure 193 pieces of coverage including high profile titles in the UK and USA including Forbes, The Mirror, The Telegraph, IGN, TechCrunch, Mashable, Yahoo, Cnet and VentureBeat. The sentiment of the stories was substantially positive, just two per cent of stories were negative about the genre
despite the journalists earlier misgivings.

The 193 items of coverage appeared on sites with a potential reach of 805,206,685, and the Kickstarter was funded to 120 per cent, raising £120,000.

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