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Readying a brand for more profitable relationships


Young, entrepreneurial and wanting to go places, Riverlite was an IT services business held back by a poorly defined brand and outdated visual identity. Our challenge was to position the business at a more mature level, to enable it to attract and build more profitable relationships with bigger customers.


The process began with an exhaustive research exercise, combining one-to-one interviews with an online survey. Staff, current and lapsed customers, prospects and partners were all consulted to provide qualitative and quantitative results. An examination of market data and a thorough competitor review were both instrumental in plotting areas of opportunity for the brand.


Bristling with valuable insights, we convened a workshop with senior executives to challenge and explore both business and brand essence. The session became the bedrock on which we were able to deliver the ‘new’ Riverlite. The revitalised brand essence ‘success through understanding’ informed a whole new approach for the business.


In a busy commodity marketplace, Riverlite now has a clear brand voice and visual image that set it apart from competitors. Modern and mature, the company is engaging with the right kind of prospects with a renewed confidence and energy. A full roll-out programme is underway, with brand consistency at all touchpoints, as the company delivers its plan for growth.

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