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The Cambridge Acoustic Laboratory


The Cambridge Acoustic Laboratory Limited is a company which tests, manufactures and retails insulation materials / products (for example, door and window seals) that help achieve compliant acoustic absorption levels and sound reverberation for the construction industry. This work is completed in an accredited laboratory within Cambridge, hence the company name.

We were approached to create a completely new brand identity, concentrating on the creation of a company logo, which would then be used in all marketing output moving forward.


The client sought a new company logo which encompassed an image representing an acoustic focus, for example, the inner ear, wavelengths, echoes, etc., but avoiding any clichés commonly used within the competitor landscape.

The creative needed to be out of the ordinary in order to differentiate the company from competitors and stir interest with the target audience including: engineers, architects and manufacturers. The audience target was typically expected to be male and aged 30+ which was also taken into consideration.

Following a detailed briefing session with the client, we developed three creative concepts for the logo image. These options concentrated on the movement and representation of sound waves. The chosen route considered the use of powder paint and how, if coupled with sound, it could demonstrate the pulse of a sound wave.


It was decided that it was best to arrange a photoshoot in order to achieve a similar feel to the chosen ‘visual sound’ concept. 

We later considered that in addition to the powder paint, the use of seed beads would add definition and clarity to the captured shot. Once we’d decided on the varying colour sets that would deliver a bright, impactful and strong image, we brought hundreds of seed beads, along with several paint pots and glitter ahead of the photoshoot.

At the shoot, we wrapped a piece of perspex in a black cloth and strategically laid a set of beads, paint and glitter in the centre. Our photographer hit the plastic underneath with a wooden brick and on contact of the impact, took the shot. We continued with this process throughout the day, using the different colourways until we had the perfect shot.

We chose two images for use within the logo gained from the photoshoot and made minor edits to sharpen the ‘pulse’. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and the identity is now in use. 

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