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Virbac Animal Health

Zero tolerance for conformity


An umbrella campaign designed to illuminate a common cause and add strength to particular product ranges is a powerful tool. As a strategy-led agency, we’re adept at unifying products under the most compelling proposition – while allowing each product the room it needs to communicate key benefits. Virbac Animal Health set us the challenge of bringing together its parasiticides in a way that would resonate with veterinary practices.


We harnessed the entire range in a ‘Zero Tolerance’ campaign against worms, fleas, ticks and mites. Simplicity and wit underpinned the strength of this memorable campaign, with razor-sharp headlines and impactful art direction. We were successful in creating a refreshingly different approach to veterinary advertising. Breaking away from information-heavy designs with fluffy chocolate-box animal portraits, Mobas got down to business with a clean, sharp message.


We launched ‘Zero Tolerance’ by taking over Veterinary Times with a bold outer-wrap and matching centre-page spread. We added a challenging element (‘Pest? Decide’) to encourage vet professionals to engage with the campaign and identify their requirements when it came to tackling parasites.


The success of the initial impact of the campaign drove further marketing initiatives to maintain momentum and support key product lines. Engagement was deepened still further after we developed a product recommendation app to help vets in their fight against parasites.

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